Member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial People鈥檚 Congress and Vice Governor Xu Ming Visit NGC Marine Group

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On October 29, Xu Ming, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial People鈥檚 Congress and Vice Governor, accompanied by Li Shigui, member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Secretary of the District Committee as well as district leaders Gao Dechen and Zhang Huiqi, visited Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment (鈥淣anjing High Accurate Marine Equipment鈥), a subsidiary company of NGC Marine Group together with directors of relevant government departments to carry out in-depth investigation and research on the development of marine equipment enterprises and the construction of marine economy demonstration projects.

Chen Yongdao, General Manager of NGC Marine Group, reported to Xu Ming and his party the overall operation and development plans of Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment. He noted that in recent years, through continuous improvements in product quality, technological levels, and the quality of its service, Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment has been making stable efforts to create a globally leading brand of large-scale marine equipment supporting enterprise. As a national high-tech enterprise, the Company now has a series of marine products with intellectual property rights and currently has design and production capacity of an annual 700 sets of propellers, gearboxes and other marine products.

Xu Ming noted that under the current conditions of a general downturn domestically and internationally in the shipbuilding industry, the fundamental reason behind Nanjing High Accurate Marine鈥檚 good momentum of development is the company's commitment to technological innovation and uncovering of brand value.

Accompanied by Chen Yongdao, Xu Ming and his delegation watched the drilling platform, controllable pitch propeller propulsion system, and steering system along with other models, and conducted a visit to the Company鈥檚 first phase production workshop to learn more about the Company鈥檚 production and prospects of their products.

Before leaving, Xu Ming once again proposed that Nanjing High Accurate Marine will continue to exert great efforts in the realms of technological research and development, and that the company will constantly improve market competitiveness, open up overseas markets, and strive for greater market share. (By Tu Guangji)