Propeller design

Taking the real opertion condition of the ship into the consideration, our engineers come out with the optimal propeller blade design via lifting surface method and viscous flow numerical analysis so as to have the optimized matching of engine-propeller-ship; in addition, to get the perfect propulsion efficiency, cavitation factor and vibration level, we do the model test to correct relative parameters.

Hub design

The hub is designed with advanced crank-slider mechanism, and the internal structure is compact and light, and is featured with fewer moving parts, small space, and maintenance friendly etc. To improve the stability and service life of internal structure, we have done the FEM calculation to optimize the structural stress of the internal structure. With the introduction of the latest seals designing philosophy into our pitch drive system, we have developed the double tubing, hydraulic pump components to ensure the safety and reliability of the work oil way. Meanwhile, the company has introduced the advanced casting FEM software to analyze and optimize the casting process of bronze parts (propeller, hub, etc).

Shaft line design

During designing, we have taken into consideration of draught variation, heavy power transmission of shaft line, live load on bearings and axial vibration. Calculations are made according to rules of classification societies, proper shaft aligning and transverse vibration calculation are carried out by DNV software. Torsional vibration calculation is also carried out in designing stage. We also consider about the negative influence to the shaft load and alignment caused by the bending moment of the crank shaft resulted from the hydrodynamic of propeller, gear mesh load and propeller thruster. In this way, the calculation result can match with the real operation condition to a large extent.

Control system

The control system is an embedded and expandable system, which enables the united control of propulsion system and main engine. It has multiple modes of operation, which can improve the matching of propeller and main engine, and increase the main engine efficiency and reliability, decrease the energy consumption, and can be applied to multiple modes of operation.


Gearbox design

With over 40 years development, China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. becomes the well-recognized leading company and technology pioneer in China鈥檚 gear industry. Our company has created Five Top in domestic gear industry:
Max. transmission power: 55,000Kw,
Max. linear velocity: 178m/s,
Max. rotation speed: 67,000 r/m,
Max. transmission torque: 750tNM
Highest precision class: ISO-3

The software for strength design and calculation are: PGC gear design system from American Philadelphia Gear Company, XTGDES gear design expert system co- developed by NGC and Tsing Hua University, KISSSOFT gear and gearbox design software, 3D designing software Pro/E . Strength calculation basis:CCS, DNV and ABS Class Rules and ISO6336 International Gear Standard, etc.

Taking into account of the real application condition and the matching with the propeller, our marine gearbox is featured with lightness, high loading property, low vibration, etc. All gears are manufactured with special modifications and root strengthening through shot peening for reduciong vibration and noise.